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The Junior Astros Lacrosse Program provides an opportunity for players from Derry & Hampstead as well as the other towns that feed Pinkerton Academy to play lacrosse at a very high level and at the same time bring together the players on and off the field to build lasting friendships and strong bonds prior to entry into Pinkerton Academy.

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Pinkerton Academy

"The Jr Astros lacrosse team has become the key component of continuing excellence in the Pinkerton Varsity lacrosse program. Their ex-players typically make up over three-quarters of our starting lineup." - Brian O'Reilly

Challenging Competition

The responsibility to provide the best coaching as well as a fun and memorable experience, at the lowest possible cost is a constant theme within the organization. Challenging competition and participation in quality events with a strong dose of fun has been our formula for success. The promotion of the “family” environment at every venue has worked in the past and will continue to be the lure of our program.

Building lasting friendships and strong bonds prior to Pinkerton Academy